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Wee Help: Provides kits/necessities to mothers for their newborns. Kit contains new receiving blanket, bottle, pacifier, bib, washcloth, diapers, sleepers, undershirts, baby book, knitted hat. Since 1994, 9,323 newborns benefited. In 2017-18 FY, 1,079 babies received: 979 kits at 22 hospitals/maternal programs & 100 portable cribs to keep babies safe in their own bed.



Wee Help Program Provides Infant Layette Kits for New Moms

Imagine being a new mom and not having the resources to provide your newborn with basic infant necessities. During these difficult economic times, this is a sad reality for many mothers. Helping meet the newborn's immediate needs, Wee Help, a philanthropic program of Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan, provides infant layette kits to limited-income mothers as they leave the hospital.

All brand-new items make up the Wee Help kit: a receiving blanket, 8 diapers, 2 sleepers, 2 "Onesies", a bottle, pacifier, washcloth, bib, baby book, and a hat knitted by members and volunteers. Wee Help volunteers personally assemble and deliver hundreds of kits to over 20 hospitals, birthing facilities, and children's care centers year-round.

Both organizations and recipients are extremely appreciative. "I am eternally grateful. Your kindness is special and so are you. We love 'Wee Help! wrote a new mother of twins. Upon taking delivery of more Wee Help layettes, Arlene MacEachran, Pediatric/OB Social Worker at St. John Hospital (Detroit) Birthing Center, commented, "Sometimes mothers bring nothing but joy and their hope for a healthy baby, so when they receive the Wee Help kit, it just lights up their faces They are so touched, it brings tears to their eyes."

Since 1994, 5,427 Wee Help kits have been delivered to facilities locally and throughout Michigan. In 2013-14 Fiscal Year, 751 kits were delivered.

Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan, a nonprofit, all-member volunteer organization since 1993, provides clothing, food, tutoring, educational support, supplies, and care kits to thousands of individuals in need throughout Michigan. Funds raised from the all-volunteer staffed Assistance League ReSale Connection, fundraisers, grantors, and contributors help support our philanthropic programs, helping thousands of people year-round.

For more information, stop in ReSale Connection, call (248) 656-0414, or visit:


2014 Children's Book Drive Collects 5,650 Books for Programs

Book Drive books

Some of the over 5000 books that were donated!


Arlene MacEachran (center), Ped/OB Social Worker at St. John Hospital Detroit, receives Wee Help kits from Assistance League - Wee Help members, Violet Cholakian (L) and Dar Laskowski (R).


Assistance League members assembling Wee Help Kits: (L) Connie Crane & Kris LaVanway, (R) Joyce Naimy, Diane Ebinger, & Rosemarie Kramer.


(Center) Denise Gunderson, ACSW, Medical Social Worker, and Intern (R) Lindsey Lewis at Crittenton Hospital receiving Wee Help Kits from Assistance League Wee Help Chairman (L) Sue Hastings.


Mom with newborn wearing Wee Help hat and sleeper.


Wee Help Kit for a baby boy.


Wee Help Kit for a baby girl.

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